Back in 1979 two guys started building hotrods in a basement garage in Foxboro, MA and their names were Chris Heydecker and Chris Mullen and that’s how C&C started. For a few years they struggled with differing ideas on which way to go and how they would go forward.

Eventually they split up and Classic and Custom Specialties was born. Chris Heydecker first ventured into mobile repair, then tried to merge with the now closed KbarS out in Las Vegas, and then narrowed it down to creating a store that catered to the enthusiast in all of us.

C&C Specialties has provided the best price for the quality parts for over 20 years and has consistently built vehicles that meet high standards only defined by C&C. Every one deserves the opportunity to build their vehicle to their own personal tastes within the bounds of safety but restricted only to their own desire. To help this C&C taps into the large pool of knowledge only a real speed shop can provide.

C&Cs customers are the greatest collection of knowledge that has worked the east coast. People who have been there done that and oh yah, don’t do that. An under valued segment of encyclopedic know how that is only surpassed by the Hamb message board.

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